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November 29, 2005

Catching up

God cannot relate to the angels. They do not include him in tetherball. They are not of his hand, not his children. They rose from the foam of the sea, sprung full-formed from the head of Zeus. They fluttered about at Sinai, taunting Moses, undermining Godís authority. They are beautiful, intelligent. They walk among us, filling us with empty hopes, directing our attention across the desert acres to glittering pools that turn out to be sand.

From For the Love of God

I've been delayed. Matthew wanted me to get this project done before this weekend, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I've still got 11 more drawings to do, and I also am working on the silly xmas project for work that I'm not really supposed to work on during work hours, but it still needs to get done by mid-december. It's a recipe book for everyone. I'm afraid they've made the mistake of handing the project over to the two most [visually] scatterbrained people there. It's going to be an opus in disorder. I also got a call today from someone interested in giving me an illustration job. Keep your fingers crossed, everyone. I have to call back tomorrow for details, with the Handbook for Pricing and Ethical Guidelines in hand. We'll see how that goes. I've also decided to do a small book on saints:

and one on nuns:

That's as far as I've gotten, though. I've also got a nice Hester Prynne I need to find something to do with...

I guess she could be anybody, but that big old A is a dead giveaway. I guess that was the point, though, you little minx. It sure helps IDing the illo, anyway.

So, projects out the wazoo. I've got to put some color into some of these eventually, too.

Matthew's almost got four completely polished stories in the hopper too. Hopefully this means he'll post one of them soon, so that we go back to being idiots' box and not just idiot's box. Idiot.

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November 18, 2005


So - I'm posting this really quickly because I just sent a potential client over here and I didn't want the first thing he saw to be pictures of my dopey dog (and man).

I did this one a couple months ago when I thought I was going to be getting up early every morning to draw. For some reason, he reminded me of the Dalton Brothers, but after checking out that link, I realized I had no idea what they looked like, except for in Lucky Luke. So, I guess I wasn't all that original. Art is dead. But I like him anyway:

I did this one when I was back at bfg for bailey's - I don't know if they ever used it or not, but I like how it turned out anyway. Happy, hip, twenty-somethings enjoying life, I think was how I was supposed to depict them. Oh, and that there needed to be two girls and a guy, and the guy wasn't supposed to be particularly interested in one girl over the other. Tricky. Derivative illustrative vectory style, but what they hey - that's what they wanted. In fact, they said, "Make it look like this, please" and showed me some other illustrator's work. I hate the idea of stealing style, but I don't think I'm putting anyone out of business at the moment. And if I hadn't done it, the art director would have. Anyhoo:

Daryl asked me to do a logo for Labrat Labs. I think in the end he decided to go back to school instead of opening a lab, so too bad for me. But I like the logo anyway:

I did this as a thank-you card, and a miss-you card, and a thinking-of-you card. It's quite handy that way. Maybe I can make it into a fundraising t-shirt, if all goes well. (just kidding, potential client!):

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November 14, 2005

Wrestlemania V

[If you don't care about me and my dog, and how funny I think my dog is, you can skip this entry. But really, for the time being, she's the most interesting thing I've got.]

So - Matthew and Iggy had a bit of a smackdown tonight. Iggy had the upper hand until Matthew wangled her into a headlock.

She was forced to concede.

Iggy tried to force a comeback, but was unceremoniously defeated by the dustbuster(tm), which she accidentally knocked off of my wastebasket on her way back to the ring.

Matthew won't be held back, and has challenged the dustbuster(tm) to a wrestle-off tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

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November 13, 2005

Dog day afternoon

The other day I did a little bit of an experiment, and let Iggy have the run of the basement while I was sitting back, eating popcorn, and watching Shopgirl (which I'm not even going to link to, because it was so not worth the $8 it cost) (though, the popcorn was excellent, as was the company, and the theater). I actually read the book, back in Savannah, when Matthew lived in Baltimore and I could stay up all night reading. I mostly read it for the novelty (no pun intended) of it being written by Steve Martin. All I remember feeling about it was that it passed through my consciousness like a small, mildly-flavored burp. I feel the same way about the movie, except that in the process of passing through my consciousness, it stole $8 from me. I came back from the movie to find this:

She was pretty proud of herself. The girl's got some chompers, what can I say.

Today we went to the dog park, and she was so not interested in playing with the other dogs I started to worry that my misanthropy is infectious. She did, however, find a new friend. Quiet, and willing to be manhandled.

For the rest of the day she's been sickish, though, which is a bit of a relief, because I don't think lying around farting is a symptom of misanthropy.

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November 08, 2005

Drive Me

I don't know what it is about staff meetings, but they get me into nervous fits and exhaust me. I have started learning to while away the hours doodling with one ear while listening for my particular accounts with the other. It's a skill that doesn't come easily to me, who is naturally the engrossed sort. I found a book of illustration from Quebec, or some such thing, with this guy Bruce Roberts in it (he doesn't seem to have his own website, and he's not this Bruce Roberts) - anyhoo - I just love his work. I wish I could find a more reliable place to find it.

So - that kept me busy too.

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November 07, 2005

> swoon <

I was getting my daily dose of angry chicken today when I stumbled upon angry's [chicken's?] obsession with a certain jen corace. The obsession is fully justified, and I am going to learn the secret handshake this weekend, because I am in LOVE LOVE LVOE. er, LOVE. I was trying to decide which one I liked best, to post here, but ended up wanting them all. So, best to sneak on over here and get your fill.

I wish so badly I could be good at patterns. And have the patience to draw all those pretty flowers and then paint them in. And I swoon at the shadow on the laundry, and the bunnies - the bunnies!

I suppose I shouldn't complain that the way I do art - frantically and with little care - is so much less time consuming. It's like coveting your neighbor's wife. Or your neighbor's wife's goods. Or whatever.

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November 05, 2005

God for a day

Iím taking off the god crown for a day, says God, and giving it to Kyle. Heís been waiting patiently for his turn at dodge ball, and no one will pick him for a team.
Kyle lays waste to Panama with a casual swipe of the god-scepter. There are mudslides throughout the Amazon, a plague of lemmings in Gibraltar.
God sighs, takes back his things. Thereís a reason no one likes that boy, he says.

From For the Love of God

Finished this page today, in a frenzy of activity. I'm so tired, my eyes are going googly. The drawing is based on the original poster for the first Godzilla movie:


It's not quite the same, but hopefully people get the reference.

This is one of my favorite vignettes from FLOG - God's resignation is just so real.

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Uncle Walt

Back when I was an undergrad (oh, so many years ago!) I had one class with my future husband. While he spoke insightfully on Moby Dick, Self-Reliance, The Scarlet Letter, Because I Could Not Stop for Death, etc, I sat in the back, sullen and dumb, and doodled. Luckily, I managed to make an impression in spite of myself - I submitted a doodle of Walt Whitman to a show (whose subject was doodles) in the student gallery. Matthew went to see it and was duly impressed. The upshot of the story is, four years later when we met up again, he remembered me favorably.

I sent this newer [photoshop] version of the old doodle to him last week to remind him that I could still doodle. If you know what I mean. Doodle.

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November 03, 2005


I just got an email with the subject:

Re: Christians don't miss the chance

It was one of those ones selling me Xanax, Valium, Levitra, Cialis and Viagra for wicked cheap. I guess they're learning new tricks from the Republicans. They're going to take over the world, now that they're happy and virile - look out!

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How it is...

I'm cranky, because my GD computer has been on the fritz all day long. Cranky, cranky, cranky. The good news is, I'm getting a new computer (well, work got it for me, G5, dual 2GHz processor, it WILL love me, it WILL) which makes me happy, happy, happy (at the moment I am working on a woefully slow G4 that has an even worse attitude about work than I do, if you can believe it). Because the internet and email wouldn't work, I had to submit to drawing in Photoshop. I suppose I could think of worse things. Somehow, though, the crankiness translated, in spite of the digital divide.

Also, I tracked down an old friend from when I was a foreign exchange student in germany. Hallo, David! (He's a lawyer now, which means he shouldn't be spending any time on this website during working hours). That was fun. Thank God for Google. It helps while away the hours. Except when computer is on the fritz, and then it will only while away the minutes.

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