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December 11, 2005


So - I got a job! I've been working on it for the past week and a half (I got my deadline extended a half-week, not because of me (I don't think) but getting feedback ended up taking longer than we thought) - it's for Leader's Edge Magazine. It's a magazine for the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers, which means that nobody I know is going to just come across it. However, I am only going to post the roughs here, in order to boost sales of the mag to all my fans ($9/year subscription fee for members, $100 for non-members... talk about a discount! That membership must be worth millions! Millions, I say!) The article is called "Grow Your Own" and is not, as its title suggests, about the wacky tabacky. It's about nurturing and educating your management folks so that they can slide into the CEO position, instead of hiring someone out. Seems like this shouldn't be a new idea, but I guess it is. Anyhoo, I was asked to make an illustration that showed propagation and stuff, so these are a couple ideas I had. (Illustration is half-page, full-color, and a bit of a looker, too!)

After I polished off this big one, the art director decided he wanted another spot illo for later in the article. "I'll get right to it, sir!" I said, eagerly, rubbing my hands together in delicious anticipation of the glorious cash manna that would soon be falling down on me. These two are the drawings I liked better, but of course that they didn't pick.

I might use them somewhere else, though. Anyway, I submit the finals tomorrow and then continue to rub my hands together in delicious anticipation of the glorious cash manna that will soon be falling down on me.

(okay, on a not-inappropriate sidebar, I googled "manna" and found this which is hilarious. I think Wild Bill once told me about this, via one of his crazy holistic rants. Shrooms of the gods.)

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December 09, 2005

Being Sinister

So, all of you must know that I'm left handed. I used to wind up my toys backwards and break them as soon as I got them. It's a curse. I had to use the ridiculous green-handled scissors in second grade instead of the regular plain silver ones (though I got over that fast - who wants to be a green-handled outcast? Not me! I learned how to use the slick right-handed ones, right quick!) and could only get the egg beater to work if I held it upside-down. So, to pass the time in staff meeting, I've taken to retrying my hand at being right-handed. THe nice thing is, I've got extremely low expectations, so when things come out looking like anything, it's very exciting.

I have found that being right-handed gives me a lot of latitude in drawing - looser lines (even looser!) and always a mysterious start. I just scribble in loops until something starts to come out of it. What fun!

More fun than staff meeting, or green-handled scissors, anyway.

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December 05, 2005

Who let the dog out?

So we had another trial run with letting Iggy roam the basement while we were out. We pretty much cleared the area of destructibles and kissed our crucifixes before we left. When we returned, she had gathered all things important to her on her pillow (all her toys, one of Matthew's shoes, the trash can and its contents, her towels from her crate, an empty windshield-wiper-fluid jug from the recycling bin) and THIS:


My sketchbook.

She didn't chew up anything else (well, okay, the windshield-wiper-fluid jug, just a little on the handle) but she sure tore into my sketchbook. This particular one was full of a lot of whining about work and lots of really boring stuff, so I'm not too traumatized. The best thing about it was that it was one of those really nice Moleskines that is supposed to make you be able to write like Ernest Hemingway.

No more.


Once we recovered from the horror, we figured we could take in the mayor's parade, which was happening right on our street. It was great. I love parades. It's the best of humanity (except for the part where the bald guy across the street kept yelling at the cheerleaders to "shake it, baby") (high school and under cheerleaders). Rudolph, though cute, was a little menacing:


And then, it was time for some tag team wrestling. Ruby and Iggy versus Christian and Matthew.


Humans = 1, Dogs = 0.

Still no word on the dustbuster rematch, though.

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