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February 22, 2006

For Lisa





In case anyone is wondering...

I spend a good deal of my "time helping my parents" doing ridiculous things like emailing photos. They just can't seem to figure it out. So, last weekend I drove over to c-town thinking I was going to help them get ready for the flower show, and instead we went out and had dinner, I emailed some photos to "Lisa", gave mom a haircut, and went on my merry way. Some help I am. But it turns out Lisa couldn't view her attachments or something, so the items she wanted to look at are here. On Idiotsbox. Because we Behrs are just all a bunch of idiots. And one of the Swansons is too, but just by association (not this one, or this one, and definitely not this sone). Oh, right. It's THIS one.

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February 21, 2006

Week #5+

Finally got down to doing some more drawings this morning at the crap of dawn. I've been too wiped at the end of the day to do anything interesting, so I tried working on some drawing before work. I was disappointed until I scanned them in this evening, when I decided they aren't as bad as I thought. It's always good to have low expectations (or high disappointments)... it keeps me generally satisfied, even with mediocrity. Huzzah.

The sad story was that last week I thought I accidentally sent out a bunch of postcards with no writing on the backs. Oops. I looked everywhere and couldn't find them, but knew I had sent some completed ones out with the mail at work around mid-week. I eventually became certain that all of them had been sent out in one of my (sadly all-too-typical) moments of reckless postaling (past moments have included mailing my return bus ticket in the mailbox right outside of the White Plains bus station, mailing my train ticket in the mailbox outside of some train station in Germany (just a commuter train though, no big loss) and mailing a new book of stamps just outside of the post office in williamstown, mass). I had resigned myself to having to write new postcards explaining the old blank postcards, which just makes me look like the absent-minded dummy that I am.

WELL. Today I found them. They are now nearly a month overdue, but were hunkering down with the new books of stamps I had bought and totally forgotten about. I felt like I had received a special gift, just what I really wanted. Sometimes, see, it's good to have a terrible memory.

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The Real Artist in the Family

So, a couple weeks ago Mom had a flower arrangement installation in a gallery in C-town. It looked fantastic - these pix don't really do it justice. It was in conjunction with Anne Massoni's Fairytale Princess series - nice stuff, I love how she hung it (hanged it?).
Anyway, the gallery looked great - the arrangements were simple branch arrangements, but the effect of moving through the trees to look at the photos was really magical. I felt like a Fairytale Princess (but really, what's new).

Oh, and BTW...

Is my mom not the cutest?

Pop-in-law, Big Bob and Mama-san with me and the Iggler on the C-town dock. Matthew's lurking presence below.

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February 19, 2006

Too Much Coffee

In which the dangers of caffeine are revealed and the meaning of life realized too late.

Too Much Coffee

Perched on a cliff, with a belly full of strong coffee, Micah Jones wondered what it would feel like to fall toward the rocks below. Would it be a pleasant feeling or would it be unpleasant? He couldn't decide. He was twitching while he wondered, so agitated was the caffeine making him. He twitched so violently that he fell, and, in his surprise, forgot to reflect upon the feeling of falling such that when he died, he died not knowing what it felt like to fall. Later his mother sued Dunkin Donuts for not cutting him off sooner. The clerks felt guilty but won the case, coffee consumption being one of those things you shouldn't have to regulate. The clerks were Indian, and entrepreneurial, and started a fund to build a sturdy fence near the cliff to keep this sort of thing from happening again. Donations poured in and they built the fence, but there was enough left over to purchase new signage for the building's facade and business doubled. This did not sit well with Micah Jones's mother, who was the angry sort. Hoping to do harm, she rammed the fence with her car and, since it was shoddily made, ended up crashing right through and into the ocean below. As the car fell toward the sea, she felt a surprising calm. The thrill of falling opened up a new place in her heart. She felt forgiveness and even love then died.

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February 14, 2006

Snow Day






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February 12, 2006

Dunkin' Iggy

Sometimes, Iggy looks like a donut.


But she sure doesn't like it when you take a bite.


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February 07, 2006

Week #4...?

Better late than never, I suppose. I've sort of been stalling on these because I'm waiting for an art director's list from here. But I guess it's not coming for another week or so, so I'll just have to start sending round 2 off to some people. I hate to set expectations high - but then I have to remind myself that these people are far too busy to have expecations of the likes of me.

As mad as I was about how non-waterproof the waterproof ink was, I kind of like the bleedy effect it has, making splatters look like bad skin and whatnot.

I also noticed that this guy looks a bit like one of my old art professors, Mike Glier, who was, incidentally, great. And, granted, if this were a drawing of him, it would be a drawing of him on a really really really bad, big, fatheaded day, but there was still something to it that made me say, Hey look! It's Mike Glier!

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Not a Fan

I decided to get back into postcard action last night after walking the dog in her sad medical boot (which is now just a ziplock bag taped to her foot with a sock taped over that). I got a bunch done but didn't have time this morning to resize all of them to post. So, I just picked out a couple.


Strangely enough, this one looks just like Winnie Cooper. Or, enough like her that I thought, "Hey, she looks just like Winnie Cooper!" And who doesn't like Winnie Cooper? In fact, apparently, lots of folks just love her. Frankly, I find that creepy and a little pathetic. I once had a discussion with a friend about how weird it is that some people write fan letters (on the heels of him telling me that he was meeting someone who had written him a fan letter). Needless to say, he is a fan of fan letters. Maybe if I ever got any, I would be more of a fan. As it is: creepy and pathetic.

If I were the sort to send fan letters, though, I would send one to this babe:


It would say, "You rock, saggy face!"

And who wouldn't be a fan of that?

I tried using brown ink this time around, which promised to be waterproof. It lied. When I was watering my dead yam plant this morning, I spilled water all over and it made these suckers bleed. So, we'll see if they get totally ruined when I try to color them in. I'm debating whether I should write a bitter un-fan letter to Higgins telling them that they lied about the waterproofness of their ink. I bet they wouldn't be fans of that.

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February 05, 2006

Gimme an I-G-G-Y to the E-R! To the max!

What excitement today. We went to Robert E. Lee for rollicking weekend fun with crazy hordes of dogs. It was great, Iggy ran with abandon. So much abandon, in fact, that she destroyed her toe. It was but a flesh wound (ultimately, I think it counts as a bad hangnail) but an E.R. visit and $200+ dollars later, the toenail was removed and the bloody stump protected with fun yellow doggy tape:



We have to give her all these pills and keep her from exercising too much or getting her foot wet, for the next ten days. We'll see how THAT goes.

Stupid dog.

In other news, I did a couple postcards last week. Nothing too exciting, but I do like the guy with the hat. I got a couple general "I liked the postcard" responses from the first couple rounds I sent out, which is excellent. They're falling for my plan for world domination already!

I meant to do a batch more this weekend, but what with lounging in bed on saturday morning, dinner with friends on Saturday evening, dog park fun this morning, trip to the E.R. later this morning, visit to gallery show early afternoon, and SuperBowl hooplah this evening, I haven't had a minute to dirty my pretty little fingers. Maybe tomorrow. Incidentally, the gallery show was actually pretty good. I know Ken through mom and dad and his charcoal drawings are really quite lovely. He's able to achieve a really nice, heavy black that reminds me of aquatint etchings. Anyway, that's the kind of repetitive, meditative work that I could never do, since I'm too much of a spaz. He's an architect in real life, though, so that explains a lot. Architects have to be thoughtful, otherwise they could accidentally kill people.

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