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July 26, 2006

My New Niche

So, I got the article for the latest NYT job, and strangely enough, it's another Travel article about being on planes. This one was about the best ways to get the best seats on the airplane (I won't divulge any of the article's secrets here, though).

Anyway, I sent in two sketches yesterday, and as usual they picked the one I liked less. But, that's okay. I partly don't like it because it's sort of similar to the last one (lineup of three people in airplane seats). This is that one that they didn't pick:

I like it because, well, what's up with the craze over "better" airplane seats? Ultimately, they're all just airplane seats. And you will be sitting there, at most, for like 22 hours and 40 minutes, and that's only if you're a Boeing executive trying to make headlines. I mean, how bad can it really be? (Actually, there were only 27 people on that flight, so they got to stretch out, so it doesn't even really count.) I mean, the worst thing about airplane seats is who you end up sitting next to, and that's pretty much totally out of your control. I once spent 5 hours sitting next to a man who was sobbing uncontrollably the entire time (oh, except for when he passed out after the stewardesses gave him like 8 cocktails, and then he woke up screaming about how his head hurt) (literally, screaming). It was not pleasant. I was trying not to be heartless the whole time too, which made everyone else on the plane think I was travelling with him. And so, they gave me the evil eye. I suppose if I could buy an airline ticket that guaranteed no crazies sitting next to me, I might pay extra for that. But then, what on earth would I have to write about on my blog?

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July 24, 2006

I'm Back!

Well, Hello again, everyone! I'm back!
Here's the deali-o:
Returned from the annual fish kill on Thursday.
Packed on Friday.
Moving, phase one on Saturday (weather: hot)
Moving, phase two on Sunday (weather: hot)
Moving, phase three on Monday (weather: damn hot)
Moving, phase four on Tuesday (weather: crazy frickin hot)
Remembering that I have to go to a wedding and wear clothes late Tuesday night and realizing that I packed all of my clothes in Moving, Phases 1-4.
Running around like mad through TJMaxx and Target at 9:30PM. It was much like my favorite gameshow, Supermarket Sweep.
Clothes purchased in record time as store doors close, lights flicker off.
Packing last bits on Wednesday.
House settlement Wednesday 3PM.
Drive to western Massachusetts Wednesday 4PM.
Early-morning wedding hike, Thursday 8:30AM (this is what happens when people get married in western Massachusetts, they get all nature-nutty).
Wedding & etc, Thursday 4PM.
Post-wedding brunch Friday 9AM.
Drive to Lake George Friday noon.
Hike to Jabe's Pond Saturday morning.
Iggy learns how to swim Saturday noon.
Torrential rain and thunderstorms Saturday 12:01PM.
Return hike in torrential rain and thunderstorms.
Torrential rain and thunderstorms become good cause to sit around watching Shackelton and House while solving interminable jigsaw puzzle.
Rise early to return to western Mass. for "board meeting" Sunday morning.
Board meeting for matthew becomes bored meeting for robbi (4 hours).
Drive to new sublet in Baltimore (stopping at Home Depot in Wilkes-Barre on the way to purchase paint for barn interior renovations).
Receive email requesting illustration services for new NYTimes article.
(also about airplane travel - it must be my new genre)
Leave for c-town monday morning.
Car keeps stalling.
Trade cars with matthew to make it over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge without getting rear-ended.
Set up computer in c-town.
Write long blog entry.
Start painting barn interior.

So, that's the whashizzle for the time being. And, according to this, I should already be over at the barn painting, so I will go do that.

Roughs for NYT are due wednesday. I'll keep you posted.

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