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November 18, 2007

I'm Moving to Adam's

Hm. I thought I posted this ages ago, after we went to visit Adam. But I guess I didn't. Anyhoo.

The latest news is that I'm moving to Adam's. For those of you from Western Mass., don't get excited. I'm moving to Adam's, not Adams. I wouldn't mind moving to Adams, either, except Adams probably doesn't have THIS, which Adam's does:

Isn't it the cutest room ever in the world? It is Adam's "breakfast room" that is off the kitchen/backside of his house. I love it, I love it, I love it. I can see myself there in my fuzzy slippers and pajamas, with my spectacles on, reading Emerson or something like that. Something smart and poetic that I wouldn't do in just any ordinary space. I've just been waiting for the right space to come along for me to become a true Emerson scholar. I think I've found it. The only problem is he said that there are kind of creepy slave/servant quarters upstairs that I wouldn't want to go knocking about in on a dark and stormy night. But really, who needs the upstairs? I could just sleep under the table, like a good transcendentalist. Uh, if that's what a good transcendentalist would do. Like I said, I haven't yet found the right space to become a real scholar on the topic.

Of course, there's the whole bit about convincing Adam that I wouldn't move in and turn his breakfast room into the pig sty that I have a tendency to turn the barn into...

That's actually just my desk. The rest of the barn doesn't suffer quite as badly. It really can't afford to. There's not much room for clutter.

I love those photos that crafty people put on their blogs of their workspaces (see here, or here, or here - there's something about people who know how to sew that makes them seem magical to me. I mean, it isn't like sewing is such a mystery, it's the whole getting everything to line up and actually FIT. And then there's words like "serge" and "baste" and "bias tape" that scare me. And it's really only people who can keep their workspaces looking like that who can be real crafty crafters. That's not me, sadly.

HOWEVER, I did sew us some curtains.

FINALLY. It only took about 13 months. Longer than it takes to bake a baby. That's pathetic. I bought the fabric last October, I think. It took Matthew going away for four days to make it happen. You might notice that they're a little skinny and a little short. In spite of the fact that these curtains are striped, I could not for the life of me get a straight edge. So, edges kept getting trimmed and retrimmed until I was running the risk of only having half curtains.

My real creative coup, though, was the tie-backs (or whatever they're called in real curtain terminology). I was too lazy to make two separate curtains that open down the middle, so I just made one, that ties back in the middle.

That isn't the coup, though. I mean, they look kind of like I got lazy about hemming up two extra edges. No, the real coup is the button on the tie-back.

Looks like a real buttoning button, right? RIGHT? Here's the coup - I don't know how to make button holes. It seems very complicated to me, and requires me to change settings on the sewing machine, and that worries me. So, I sewed snaps on, and then sewed the button over the ugly snap sewing to make it look like I actually button the curtains back. When, in fact, they snap, see? Which is SO much easier.

Now, for those of you who aren't crafty and couldn't give a damn about my curtains, hear this: don't worry, this is probably the last time you'll hear about any sewing project of mine, because good god, y'all, was that taxing. For those of you who are crafty, hear this: I don't need to hear about how lame my curtains are, man. They make my house look like a brothel, and dammit, if you're going to get all nitpicky about my whipstitch, that's your problem.

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November 12, 2007

My Look-alikes

Okay. So, my good friend Beth sent me this ridiculous thing where you can upload your picture and see what kind of celebrities you look most like. She, of course, looked like a bunch of hotties. I decided to give it a whirl to see what kind of hotties I look like. Generally speaking, when I do these things, I just get hit with a bunch of random asians that no one has ever heard of (disappointingly, I never get Lucy Liu, who I think is a hot asian, even if she is a complete vaporhead).

THIS is what I got:

The things I want you to notice:
#1: LAURA BUSH. WTF???? Enough said.
#2: Dean Cain. Who, incidentally, looks JUST like my bro, except maybe not quite as good-looking.

#3: Kate Beckinsale. Apparently she looks like EVERYONE, because she was also the top hit for my friend Beth, who frankly doesn't look a whole hell of a lot like me. Except for maybe the fact that she's female, and has eyes and a nose and a mouth.
#4: Random Asians. There were more, but I didn't post them all because we all look the same anyway, right?
#5: DEBRA WINGER? See #1.
#6: Mylene Farmer. I had to look this one up. Apparently she is the top-selling french-language pop-of-the-worst-schlock singer. She only slightly redeems herself by being Canadian and a recluse. And, by being one of my look-alikes who is not asian.

This was too much fun. So, I also checked Matthew out to finally settle the score in the great Niles/Dwight debate of April '07. Here's what they came up with for him:

First off, I don't know who he is, but Patrick Stump wins this contest hands down. Fie Niles! Fie Dwight!! That guy is almost a dead ringer. Oh, okay. I just looked him up and revealed my own lack of hipness (I don't actually even know if these guys are hip anymore) - he's the lead singer of fall out boy. Well, whatever. I bet if Matthew could take him down with the blues harmonica.
#2: Eddie Murphy. I can't believe I married a guy who looks like Eddie Murphy. I am just the luckiest. If only I could teach him to dance like Eddie Murphy.
#3: Elvis Costello. James Spader. Moby. Holy Shit. I really snagged myself a hottie. Ok. Moby kind of looks like a worm, but I totally dug "Play".
#4. Larry King. Uh. Ok. He DOES have glasses.
#5. Janeane Garofalo. Yike.
#6. Missi Pyle. That amazon is terrifying. If I had to wake up to her every morning, I would become a recurrent bedwetter.

Enough said. Now, if you'd all like to go forth and see who your celebrity look-alikes are instead of, you know, doing all that work you're supposed to be doing (mr. Flynn), go forth by clicking HERE! And do update me on the results. I'd especially be curious to know how many other people look like Kate Beckinsale. And if anyone else happens to look like Larry King AND Eddie Murphy. My guy is just so special.

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