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February 06, 2008

Some People Just Shouldn't be Allowed to Have Babies

So, yesterday I had to go in and pre-register at the hospital for delivering this big fat baby of ours. I had a bunch of paperwork I was supposed to fill out beforehand, so I diligently went ahead and started working on it. It was asking for all kinds of information, like your medical history, how often you drink alcohol, "Mother's Maiden Name" "Mother's Married Name" "Mother's Date of Birth". So I'm filling this thing out answering the questions and putting my mom's information in all the places they ask for it. The farther down the form I got, I started to wonder - why the hell do they need to know my mom's level of education? Or her social security number? Why aren't they asking anything about my dad???

Silly me. I'M the mother in question. Not MY mother. I had to scribble everything out like a moron who didn't know her own name.

Fit for parenting? You decide.

Posted by ribbu at February 6, 2008 11:50 AM


Babies suck brain power in utero.
I think of it as a nice little preview of what is to come once old age sets in.

Posted by: ming at February 7, 2008 02:13 PM