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May 25, 2008

Spidey's Got a Brand New Bag

So we're driving through Middletown, Delaware the other day on our way to Lowe's to buy some home improvement items. Middletown, Delaware isn't much of a mecca, unless you happen to be in the market for some tax-free merchandise from superstores like Lowe's, Home Depot, Kohl's, or the Super Auto Mall. The point is, Middletown, Delaware is certainly no New York City. Which is why it was doubly puzzling to see this as we were cruising along at 25 miles per hour:


In case you can't really see what's going on, here's a closer look:


Yes. There he was. Spidey. In Middletown, Delaware. Waving to us. To US! Ok, in that photo he's not actually waving to us, but that's because I made matthew go around the block again so I could get a picture of him. It looks like Spidey has fled the great metropolis to battle the many hoodlums of Middletown, Delaware. Or, at least to make nice with all of us trying to save 5% on sales tax. He's so good, that Spidey. So decent, and good.

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May 01, 2008

The Sad Truth

People always tell you that you won't have the time or energy to do anything after your baby is born. I figured this was probably a lot more true for people who had to return to 9 to 5ers after a few weeks of baby time. Which, in my infinite wisdom, I think is probably still true. I get to wake up, feed the baby, and snooze until 10, whilst others only get to snooze until 8 and then head off to work. That being said, it's sure hard to get anything done with one foot rocking the baby bjorn, or while an antsy baby is strapped on to your chest (the current state of affairs).

Add to this the shenanigans of redoing office/living space (part of the reason there is so much dedicated to alden these days is that the rest of our lives are consumed with top-secret remodeling (dad thinks there are spies out to get us on the internet) and our living space is turned completely upside-down - if you live anywhere near chestertown and want to get the low-down, swing by the barn and see what we're really up to - or for the obscenely curious, just email me and I'll send you some pix) and not actually having an office at the moment (computers hidden under sheets to keep from getting congested with wallboard dust etc) and you'll see why I haven't posted in a longish time.

So, that's what's been going on. In the meantime, we are planning to totally upgrade our idiotsbooks website, step one of which is for me to learn how to do some programming. I like how this is step one, because that means that we probably won't be doing a big reveal until like 2012, when all the programming I learn becomes outdated. I'm not even really sure what I need to learn, but I'm thinking javascript and mySQL are sort of at the top of the list. We want for the website to have an easily updateable front page and store, which I think probably means it needs to be database-driven. If there are any geeks out there who can give me some advice, it would be much appreciated. Because I really have no idea what I'm talking about.

Mom and Dad are currently hiking the Inca Trail, which is totally nutso, considering they've never really hiked anything before and they're both pushing 70 (or, in once case, has already pushed 70 and is now pushing 71). I'm just hoping they manage to have fun in spite of the altitude sickness, damp socks, chafing underwear and monkey assaults. After the Inca Trail they're off whitewater rafting on class 5 rapids, which is equally nutso, considering that they've only been rafting once before on a calm and happy little riverlet in west virginia with a short spell of class 1 rapids. I'm just hoping they manage to have fun in spite of the rocky waters, wet socks, piranhas, and mom's natural inclination to fling herself from the raft if it gets tippy. All this is to say that we are still habitating chez bob and seiko, and thus am I updating from their computer, which doesn't have any of our photos on it, which is the reason for the very dry and hard-to-swallow content of this post.

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