October 25, 2005

Creative Meeting

After a couple weeks of slacking off, we have reinstated the creative meeting (mainly because we finally feel like we've accomplished something, and wanted to show it off) ("we" being the royal we, of course) (being me, robbi, egoiste!)

Creative Meeting
Matthew Swanson
Robbi Behr


Robbi reported on progress since last creative meeting:
She did some unsuccessful drawings of GWB.
She broke the nib on her pen.
She completed coloring in the disaster grid and placed it in the God HP.

She did an assessment of what remains to do before God is complete:
13 more drawings
9 changes to current drawings (mostly minor changes)
She would like to move some images around to avoid consecutive full bleed illustrations. Matthew will have to see how this works with the writing and narrative flow.

The most complicated remaining illustrations are the progressions of suburbia. In response to an earlier comment of Matthew’s that the suburbia layout resembled a W in a way that he found distracting, Robbi revised the layout so that the second cul-de-sac was not a cul-de-sac at all, but a through street. Matthew agreed that this represented a pronounced improvement.

Today Robbi drew the second progression of suburbia. And the third. Matthew reviewed these and really liked them. He pointed out that as Robbi colors these in she had an opportunity to present the first, tranquil, quiet neighborhood as having very few lights on in the windows of the houses but as the population thickens and the buildings grow more dense, to have more windows with lights on.

Now there are 11 more drawings left to do. Robbi gave Matthew a recap of these.

Robbi is still not certain that the illustration of Adam and Eve making out at the drive-in is the best possible solution to the paragraph it is attempting to illustrate.

For next week:
Robbi is trying to get the suburbia drawings colored in
She will try to sketch out Kyle as Godzilla knocking over buildings
She is going to try do another evening of drawing for fun (in the GWB vein, except [hopefully] better this time)

For next week:
Matthew is going to submit Cops to the City Paper competition
He will complete a revision of In the Jungle
He will present revised Facial Features of French Explorers

... and this is what happened in staff meeting yesterday:

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October 04, 2005

Creative Meeting

So, we've decided that we need to organize our lives if we want to get anything interesting done. We've established Sunday Creative Meetings (in bed) (but not like that), which have withstood the test of time so far (two days). Hopefully, it will happen again next Sunday. Matthew kept minutes, and I dictated, like the dictator I am.

Creative Meeting
Sunday, October 1, 2005


Matthew presented the first draft of Facial Features of French Explorers. Robbi made a few helpful editorial comments and noted that although the copy was not quite what she had had in mind, she thought it would work and that she liked it.

Matthew will further refine the copy, especially to the end of making sure that the comedic elements escalate throughout the story as the pattern establishes itself and the “joke” itself becomes less of a gratifying end.

Next Robbi presented her sketches from the week, reporting that she had scanned them all and that she had divided them into five categories:


Matthew noted that Robbi’s “sayings” and “editorial” drawings, many of which feature a sketch accompanied by a sentence or phrase, might be collected to form a book of assorted bits of poignance. Robbi liked the idea [but doesn't really like the word "poignance"] and plans on collecting these as a potential marketing piece. Matthew noted that this piece might also make a nice gift.

Admiring Demi Moore or Alice Cooper? Matthew remarked that Robbi could do more of these “double exposure” type of drawings and could, perhaps, even feature a grid of four on a promotional postcard. Rather than trying to determine ahead of time which two faces she would attempt to combine, Robbi suggested that she draw one person and then see who else the bungled product might look like before assigning the doppelganger.

Next Robbi presented the finished b/w of the “disasters” page from For the Love of God. Matthew went through the grid, successfully identifying all of the low points in history and made one suggestion about the Indian on the second “Welcome to America” panel. Next up for Robbi: scanning and coloring. She allowed that she enjoys coloring in the b/w sketches but that in this case, there are a lot of small details to attend to.

For next week:

Robbi would like to:

Color the “disasters” drawings
Have another page of sketches
Color in this week’s sketches
Another b/w drawing for god
Reviewing past work for potential candidates for “collected poignance”
Try to do a few portraits for the “double exposure” series.

Matthew would like to:

Have a second draft of FFFE
Have a first draft of Nasty Chipmunk
Have a revised version of In the Jungle…

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