January 25, 2008

My Dog and George Washington

Somebody asked me the other day if we still had a dog. He was wondering because it seems I haven't been blogging enough recently about Iggy. He seemed to think that this would be less an indication that my dog has become dull and boring and unnoteworthy, and more an indication that we had some sort of falling out and exchanged her for something more exciting, like a real live baby. I think this is an obvious case of projection, since he has a crazy prozac-dog that he would gladly exchange for a crazy prozac-baby.

Anyway. I thought I'd check in and see what Iggy was up to all this time that I have been ignoring her, and it turns out she's decided to get a new look. I did a bit of a double take when I finally got around to looking in her direction (poor, neglected dog) - her decision to brighten her smile was not subtle, and I have to say I'm surprised I hadn't noticed the change earlier.

Given her kibbley budget, she had to opt for the most basic chompers - GW-style. I mean check these things out:

If that's not a desperate cry for attention, I don't know what is. Suffice it to say, I will be trying to pay more attention to her in the future (for fear that she might go in for more cosmetic surgery). Maybe I'll feed her every now and then, and sometimes let her go outside. Though, now that she's got her new teeth, it's going to be even harder to beat back the boys. Before, it was her (apparently) remarkably aromatic little butt, now it will be her dazzling smile. Or both, I guess.

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March 24, 2006

Doggie Sleepover

We're dogsitting the Rubler while the Christian and the Piendak are up in Beantown watching Davey's show. It's been madness all afternoon.

Iggy: "Seriously, Ruby. You sleep in this thing?"

Ruby: "ohmygodomygod are you going to pet me? Are you really going to pet me? Really? ohmygodohmygod!"

Ruby: "For god's sake woman! Stop taking pictures and pet me!"
Iggy: "Oy."

Ruby and Iggy: "What are you looking at?"

Iggy: "Mmmm... a chewed up bone that doesn't belong to me... hrmmm...."
Ruby: "Gnzzzzzzzzz..."


The Dignified Double-Portrait


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February 12, 2006

Dunkin' Iggy

Sometimes, Iggy looks like a donut.


But she sure doesn't like it when you take a bite.


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February 05, 2006

Gimme an I-G-G-Y to the E-R! To the max!

What excitement today. We went to Robert E. Lee for rollicking weekend fun with crazy hordes of dogs. It was great, Iggy ran with abandon. So much abandon, in fact, that she destroyed her toe. It was but a flesh wound (ultimately, I think it counts as a bad hangnail) but an E.R. visit and $200+ dollars later, the toenail was removed and the bloody stump protected with fun yellow doggy tape:



We have to give her all these pills and keep her from exercising too much or getting her foot wet, for the next ten days. We'll see how THAT goes.

Stupid dog.

In other news, I did a couple postcards last week. Nothing too exciting, but I do like the guy with the hat. I got a couple general "I liked the postcard" responses from the first couple rounds I sent out, which is excellent. They're falling for my plan for world domination already!

I meant to do a batch more this weekend, but what with lounging in bed on saturday morning, dinner with friends on Saturday evening, dog park fun this morning, trip to the E.R. later this morning, visit to gallery show early afternoon, and SuperBowl hooplah this evening, I haven't had a minute to dirty my pretty little fingers. Maybe tomorrow. Incidentally, the gallery show was actually pretty good. I know Ken through mom and dad and his charcoal drawings are really quite lovely. He's able to achieve a really nice, heavy black that reminds me of aquatint etchings. Anyway, that's the kind of repetitive, meditative work that I could never do, since I'm too much of a spaz. He's an architect in real life, though, so that explains a lot. Architects have to be thoughtful, otherwise they could accidentally kill people.

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January 30, 2006

Experiment: Conclusive

We thought we'd give Iggy another shot at freedom on Friday. We heftily barricaded the barricade with the industrial fan, the industrial-size box of cat litter, and the industrial piece of plywood we got from George, and went merrily off to work. When we came in the door, Iggy and Oscar both came scampering back through the gap they had been clever and strong enough to create between the plywood and industrial fan. Since Iggy is not clever and Oscar is neither clever nor strong, we believe that Lily was actually the mastermind behind it all. For those of you who don't know,


Lily is on the left, and Oscar is on the right. See what I mean?

So there wasn't too much damage done in the basement, other than the requisite pile of Robbi's clothes (evidently I didn't learn the first time, and still left my stuff lying all over the place), but there was a brand new pile of delight in the living room.


Ha. Fooled you. When I said "pile of delight" I bet you weren't thinking paper towels. So, no more freedom for Iggy. No more carousing about with Oscar, drinking gin and tonics while we work our fingers to the bone trying to buy her all those stinkin chew toys. All evidence points to: crate.

Oh, and I forgot! The best part of it all was that she also ate half a box of cheeriiiiooooooos. And then had the runny poos for a day. There's really nothing more pathetic than watching a dog with big ears, a stumpy tail, and runny poos. Unless, of course, it's being a dog with big ears, a stumpy tail, and runny poos. She managed to contain herself till she got outside, but I must say our driveway is a bit of a mine field.

But really, how can you be mad at this:


But regardless. No more noshing on paper towels. Only noshing on sticks. And outside. Like this:


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January 26, 2006


So - for the last couple days we've been experimenting with letting Iggy out in the unfinished part of the basement. Yesterday seemed to have gone fairly well, with only Iggy's pillow suffering a mild disembowelment. Today, when we walked in, all looked well:


Aside from the mysterious appearance of the plunger, Iggy had probably just sat on her tuffet quietly nibbling at her various toys.



The girl is a lot smarter than we give her credit for. She slipped around our ghetto barricade by going through the lowest shelf on our utility shelving unit. And then had the run of the house. Amazingly, the rest of the house remained relatively intact. She got the toilet paper roll from next to the bed (matthew's had a cold) and then decided to make a pile of my clothes in the basement. MINE, not matthew's. That would suggest, perhaps, that she likes me better, though in truth, it's probably that I'm the one who leaves my clothes lying all over the place, not matthew.


Serves me right.

Matthew tried to put a positive spin on things by saying, "You can still wear it, if you've got like a sweater or a button-down thing on to cover up the hole." Thanks, Matthew. Your underpants philosophy won't work here.

The saddest bit, though, was that she chewed up my best little hat I got from the Christian. It was a great little hat. It has matching gloves. The best little hat (I mean, look, even Lily likes it, and she's a spiteful little thing):


We have a new plan for tomorrow. It involves binding and gagging the dog, and perhaps tying her up in the rafters. That should hold her for 8 hours or so.

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January 22, 2006

More destruction, this is.

So, last weekend Iggy found this softball at the park. She loved it. She loved it so much, she ate it. I guess I should just be glad it wasn't a sketchbook or something.

Today we went on a walk in the woods with the Iggler and her friend Ruby. Can you tell who is winning?

Luckily, Iggy made a clean escape.

And then her Jedi powers used, the Ruby to destroy.

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January 16, 2006

So this is my life

Yep. It's not so much the dog, it's the man. Look at the trouble he's causing. That poor dog just wants to hang out and be cool in her sweater. You can see me, in the middle, looking like I've totally lost my head.


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December 05, 2005

Who let the dog out?

So we had another trial run with letting Iggy roam the basement while we were out. We pretty much cleared the area of destructibles and kissed our crucifixes before we left. When we returned, she had gathered all things important to her on her pillow (all her toys, one of Matthew's shoes, the trash can and its contents, her towels from her crate, an empty windshield-wiper-fluid jug from the recycling bin) and THIS:


My sketchbook.

She didn't chew up anything else (well, okay, the windshield-wiper-fluid jug, just a little on the handle) but she sure tore into my sketchbook. This particular one was full of a lot of whining about work and lots of really boring stuff, so I'm not too traumatized. The best thing about it was that it was one of those really nice Moleskines that is supposed to make you be able to write like Ernest Hemingway.

No more.


Once we recovered from the horror, we figured we could take in the mayor's parade, which was happening right on our street. It was great. I love parades. It's the best of humanity (except for the part where the bald guy across the street kept yelling at the cheerleaders to "shake it, baby") (high school and under cheerleaders). Rudolph, though cute, was a little menacing:


And then, it was time for some tag team wrestling. Ruby and Iggy versus Christian and Matthew.


Humans = 1, Dogs = 0.

Still no word on the dustbuster rematch, though.

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November 14, 2005

Wrestlemania V

[If you don't care about me and my dog, and how funny I think my dog is, you can skip this entry. But really, for the time being, she's the most interesting thing I've got.]

So - Matthew and Iggy had a bit of a smackdown tonight. Iggy had the upper hand until Matthew wangled her into a headlock.

She was forced to concede.

Iggy tried to force a comeback, but was unceremoniously defeated by the dustbuster(tm), which she accidentally knocked off of my wastebasket on her way back to the ring.

Matthew won't be held back, and has challenged the dustbuster(tm) to a wrestle-off tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

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November 13, 2005

Dog day afternoon

The other day I did a little bit of an experiment, and let Iggy have the run of the basement while I was sitting back, eating popcorn, and watching Shopgirl (which I'm not even going to link to, because it was so not worth the $8 it cost) (though, the popcorn was excellent, as was the company, and the theater). I actually read the book, back in Savannah, when Matthew lived in Baltimore and I could stay up all night reading. I mostly read it for the novelty (no pun intended) of it being written by Steve Martin. All I remember feeling about it was that it passed through my consciousness like a small, mildly-flavored burp. I feel the same way about the movie, except that in the process of passing through my consciousness, it stole $8 from me. I came back from the movie to find this:

She was pretty proud of herself. The girl's got some chompers, what can I say.

Today we went to the dog park, and she was so not interested in playing with the other dogs I started to worry that my misanthropy is infectious. She did, however, find a new friend. Quiet, and willing to be manhandled.

For the rest of the day she's been sickish, though, which is a bit of a relief, because I don't think lying around farting is a symptom of misanthropy.

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