May 30, 2007


Well, I haven't posted to Illustration Friday in so long - but I keep checking in, hoping to have time and inspiration to do a doodle, and this week I got lucky. Lucky in that cheap, get-out-of-jail-free sort of way. What I mean is, this week's topic is "Cars" and, for those of you who don't know this already, we just finished Understanding Traffic, which is all about cars. And cars and cars and cars. I've never drawn so many goddamn cars. So - I get to post something, without actually having to do any drawing.

That's so pathetic.

Though it isn't the most exciting drawing I've ever done, I liked how it meshed with the copy (while still retaining that diagrammatic feel that we settled upon for the style of the book) -

Once freed from the city center, traffic orbits in thick endless bands around the urban hub, protecting our citizenry by making invasion impossible.

And how the illustration thus introduces that whole nuclear thing. Nuclear in the abstract, central, core sense (nuclear family), and then nuclear in that hazardous, volatile, exploding sense (nuclear fission). And, you know, how traffic does and is that. Central to our everyday, regular lives, and then a slippery slope into global warming and all that.

Uh, yeah. Clearly this illustration means a lot more to me than it does to anyone else. Colored by a guilty conscience, I suppose.

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October 30, 2006


This week's Illustration Friday topic is "Wind". The question was, do I illustrate wind: the perceptible natural movement of the air, or wind: move in or take a twisting or spiral course ? Well, I can't look at the word "wind" all by itself and read it as a verb. Sorry. So wind (noun) it was.

I was not inspired to do something clever. I am working out of desperation to update this blog in a somewhat reasonable fashion. When I look at many of the illustration friday links, I find many people like myself making like excuses. We are a sorry lot.

Anyway. I would have drawn Al Roker, but his hair doesn't do quite as amazing things:

In other news, our life update is such:
we have just sent out our first volume of Idiots'Books to our elite-list readership (read: everyone we know). This has been consuming lots of time and staples and paper, but is now on hold until, well, now, when I'm supposed to be working on Volume 2. This is the explanation for all those folks who are disgusted with my lack of updates. I really do have an excuse.

Now that the cat is out of the proverbial bag, I will be posting work-in-progress type stuff here, or at least I won't be totally mum about the projects as they are happening. I like being mum, though, because, you see, I'm not really one.

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September 29, 2006


So, here's my latest Illustration Friday entry. I actually did it last Friday but held off posting until now because I was waiting for the onslaught of tie orders. Now that the onslaught has slowed a bit, I figure I can stop trying to make money and do something fun again. The topic was "quiet" and the first thing that popped into my head was somebody screaming. Go figure. As I was drawing, he turned into a mime, which thankfully put me back on track. After I finished, I kind of wish he had been being stabbed or something, to make it more ironic that he wasn't speaking. But, that didn't happen. And maybe I don't need to be quite so dark all the time. Or - maybe later I'll just try another version. I don't revise often enough, I usually just take it as it comes. We'll see. For now, you're stuck with this:

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September 24, 2006


Well, I'm back. Yes, the frequency of my posts of late has been less-than-desirable, you'd think I went and had a baby or something. But, such is not the case. I have been moving, and unpacking, and moving and unpacking some more. It has been tedious, laborious, and is still not over yet.
BUT... I have cleared off my work table (out of neccessity, for a job due tomorrow, of course) and decided to do a little doodling for Illustration Friday.

This week's topic was phobias. An excellent topic, but unfortunately I did not have the energy or wherewithal to do anything especially clever. Instead, a drawing of my own, somewhat inexplicable, phobias:

Bear attacks, plane crashes, tornadoes. I mean, they all make sense, but why is that what I'm afraid of? I don't even know if those count as phobias, now that I think of it. I mean, isn't everybody afraid of those things (except for maybe the tornadoes)? Frankly, it's not bad to be phobic of these things. More than phobias, they are perfectly sensible things to be afraid of. So, these aren't phobias at all, because phobias are supposed to be irrational, right? So not only did I not have the energy or wherewithal to do something clever, I couldn't even do something that required the idiot's intellect of knowing the definition of phobia. Yeesh.

At least I got to draw something scary. Instead of something that's irrationally scary, like, say, a handkerchief. That wouldn't have made nearly as good of a drawing.

Don't you love post-rationalization?

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May 24, 2006


So, once again, I'm posting at the eleventh hour for this.
Oh, holy!
It's only Wednesday!
Here I had myself all in a panic that it was Thursday and I wasn't going to have any time tonight to work on this so I'm sneaking a little time in at work (shhh! don't tell, Jose!) and now I just realize that all the panic is for nothing. Well, I suppose it doesn't hurt to be a day early. Or, at least, a day earlier.

So, the topic is "Sorry" - I looked at a couple other posts and people seemed to be saying it was a lame topic. Well, shucks. I sure liked it. There's nothing better than a good excuse to cut a lady in half!

I don't have a good story to go with this one. But, it sort of speaks for itself, no?

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May 18, 2006

The Lamest Thing Ever

Alright - my more-on-time-illustration-friday-submission... the topic was "Angels & Devils" but I only had one devil.

I was in my car the other day with the window down, and some guys in a big truck pulled up next to me and said something lewd about my nether regions. I reacted quickly, and without thinking, and gave them the bird. Now, I have argued on numerous occasions that this is perhaps the most ineffectual gesture ever. It's so not clever. It's what you do when you can't think of a good comeback (or kick the guy in the nads). Which happens to me all the time. But I rarely resort to empty gestures like that. But I did, and even though they snickered in response, somehow it made me feel good. And that is so lame.

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May 12, 2006

Illustration Friday

There's this ever-growing group called

I found this site a while ago and always meant to post, but never got around to it. But then, my pal Steve started posting for Illustration Friday on his site, so I figured I ought to finally join in the fray, if for no other reason than it's a good way to procrastinate. I like the site because all kinds of people submit drawings - some illustrators and some just people who like to draw. This means anyone can post, even you.

The given topic was "FAT" and I thought I had until today, Friday, to post it. But, apparently today is the first day to post to the new topic, which is "ANGELS AND DEVILS". So, overdue, here's FAT:

Maybe tomorrow I will work on Angels and Devils so that it's not late again. I don't get how people can post their drawing before a day even goes by of the assignment being posted. I mean, I thought I was a fast drawer, but I got nothing on these guys.

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