December 01, 2008

Wicked Awesome I Wish it Was ME

Awesome video. I'm sure all you hipsters have seen it already, but check it anyway:

I wish I could do that as my job. I mean, drawing whatever you want is cool, but drawing it to music is AWESOME.

Did I tell you that one of the jobs we (as Idiots'Books) have lined up is the album art for the next disc by Bombadil? Yes, this rocks. I just hope we can deliver.

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March 26, 2007

Okay, OK GO, Okay


I know I'm 31 years old, and I really shouldn't be listening to ANYONE who gets any kind of obsessive airplay on TRL (Hilary Duff co-hosts this week guys! I can't wait!!!) (eek!!!!) but I friggin' love the poppy schlockiness of OK GO. Actually, mostly I love their videos. I want to wrap myself in wallpaper, hop on my segway and learn to play the drums. That whole vintage pattern stuff really gets me. I just love love love how it looks.

I also love the video that's like in the basement/rec room of the church (Get Over It) and the one where they blow up all kinds of shit, like haybales and stuff (Invincible). And, of course, my most favorite piece of brilliant choreography ever, the treadmills (Here it Goes Again) (oh, and the backyard dancing too! (A Million Ways)).

So, now i sound like a total teenager, but OHMYGODILOVEYOUOKGO!!!!!

I am only reminded of this because, apparently, this sort of thing qualifies as "news" these days.

So. I admit it. I love you, OK GO, okay?
You had me at OK GO.

(ahem, this isn't to say I've been reduced to actually buying an album. I mostly just watch the videos again and again on their website. Which, I think, is really pathetic of me.)

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February 26, 2007

Type IS everywhere!

Our homework assignment for this week's letterpress class was to look around at different kinds of type. Because, you see, type really is everywhere. So, I brought my camera along and took some photos while I was out with the dog.

This is from the scoreboard of the practice field at WC - notice Iggy sprinting to get in the picture at the lower right hand corner. There's nothing she likes more than being the star. Too little, too late, sucka.

The practice fields are right next to the cemetery. What better place to look at type than on gravestones? They're all about type, really. The interesting thing that I discovered was that the old tombstones had all the fun - interesting fonts, italics, decorative angels, heraldry and scrolls (though, I did see one modern one with a preening little kitten carved on it). In the twenties, sans serifs seemed to be all the rage, carved in as well as bowled out, but things got serious in the 30s and from then on it was strictly your standard serifs, without much imagination. Very serious stuff. I guess we're talking about death and all, so maybe fun fonts are sort of out of the question.

I'm going to get CURLZ on my gravestone, just to piss everyone off (especially the stonecarver).

These markers weren't for people but for the different sections of the cemetery. I'm not really sure what the designations necessarily mean (it doesn't seem alphabetical, anyway) but I liked how they were so different but nestled right up next to each other. Likely from different eras, but why?

And this is just a sign we saw in New York, right after complaining loudly about how ineffective horns are at convincing traffic to move forward. We're not horn-blowers, really. We're sit-and-cursers. It's much more satisfying, with like results.

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January 05, 2006

Che Rulez!


My friend and geek savior has been transferring all my files to a new host (the old G3 is finally about the kick the bucket) and that's why this has been down, boring, and unexciting for the past few weeks (sorry Em!). Jose is the one who posted this communist propaganda, but what can I say - I dig it.

When I was in high school, my mother was convinced I would "run away and become a communist lesbian". So, maybe it should be more like this:

And, as Jose says, Saludos!!

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November 07, 2005

> swoon <

I was getting my daily dose of angry chicken today when I stumbled upon angry's [chicken's?] obsession with a certain jen corace. The obsession is fully justified, and I am going to learn the secret handshake this weekend, because I am in LOVE LOVE LVOE. er, LOVE. I was trying to decide which one I liked best, to post here, but ended up wanting them all. So, best to sneak on over here and get your fill.

I wish so badly I could be good at patterns. And have the patience to draw all those pretty flowers and then paint them in. And I swoon at the shadow on the laundry, and the bunnies - the bunnies!

I suppose I shouldn't complain that the way I do art - frantically and with little care - is so much less time consuming. It's like coveting your neighbor's wife. Or your neighbor's wife's goods. Or whatever.

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